Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book 37: The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx

Have you seen the movie? OMG put it out of your mind. I hated the movie of this book and it put me off reading it for the longest time. In fact if it wasn't for the top 100 books then I probably wouldn't have ever gotten around to reading it. The actors in the movie are a fantastic cast Kevin Spacey, Judy Dench, Cate Blanchett etc so I don't know what fell short for me. However ignore the commentary about the movie but take my advice on this one. Read this book it's fantastic.

The story is written about Quoyle who is raised in a dysfunctional family with little love, marries the wrong kind of girl who treats him woefully and is not good at his job as a pathetic hack reporter. His wife Petal, makes his life a misery but has two baby girls who Quoyle loves and Petal does not (but she's like pathological and sells them off). Quoyle gets them back meets his Aunt who comes to town due to his parents death and convinces him to move back to Newfoundland where his ancestors emigrated from some time before.

Quoyle gets a job at the local paper and starts to make friends in the local community which is full of CRAZY newfies who are like the Canadian version of the two headed Tasmanians that Australians make fun of (I would like to just point out that I have nothing against Tasmanians and do not partake in the Tasmanian jokes). The characters are warm and wonderful and full and compelling and you will fall in love with them. Also the books has some dark parts but it has plenty of happy moments as well and has a happy ending! I love a happy ending.

I am having a baby tomorrow but I wanted to get this review written because who knows when I will get a chance to sit down and do it!! Could be months!!!

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